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Personal Light Counseling Services

Because it's never too late 

Christina Wood, LMFT, LAADC-CA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Email:        Phone: (951) 599-8884       Website:

My therapy sessions are conducted over the phone! It is so easy to get stuck in our past or lost in the future and we forget to be mindful of what is going on in the present. Our past can shape who we are and how we perceive our lives today and this can easily get us caught up in a vicious cycle of various emotional and mental struggles. The importance of rebuilding a relationship with ourselves is a critical component in life and can provide a different outlook to mood, behavioral and personality disorders. Let us never underestimate the power that we hold within ourselves!

In a fast-paced competitive world, we sometimes lose connection with who we are. Growing up in a world that did not embrace therapy, emotions were denied and invalidated. Re-connecting with your inner-child and learning to re-parent that child creates a life that feels whole and fulfilled. This is why I offer the convenience of therapy over the phone!

Experience the convenience of personal therapy over the telephone. Teletherapy is an innovative solution that offers the ease and effectiveness of traditional face-to-face therapy from the comfort of your home. As a licensed therapist, I use traditional therapy techniques and provide it to you without the need for you to step foot in an office.

THE most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves.  Just as we must first put the oxygen mask on ourselves and then a child next to us, we must first feel unconditional love for ourselves and then we can genuinely give it to others.

-Christina Wood, LMFT, LAADC

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