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Director and School staff edition


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Q: What qualifications do your coaches have?


A: Each coach hired by Pivotal Training has been thoroughly trained and background checked. Live Scan Number approved by Social Services Licensing department ran through DOJ and FBI databases. Immunization records with clearance for MMR, TB, and Tdap. Social Security Card and Driver’s License or ID card. Copy of CPR certification (if applicable), Copy of Mandated Reporter certificate (if applicable) 

Q: What happens when there is inclement weather?

A: We will assess the weather 24 hours before and cancel class if there is a chance of inclement weather. Inclement weather conditions include but are not limited to: Rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, high winds or thunder and lightning. If we feel there is a chance any of these circumstances can occur, we will cancel and offer a makeup class. It is a good idea to have an indoor location as an alternative.  

Q: How many kids do you require to start a class?

A:  Minimum enrollment is 10 kids per location. In the event enrollment is below the minimum we will delay the first day of class one week in hopes of getting additional signups. If after one week the enrollment has still not met the minimum requirements, we may continue to delay the first day until the minimum is met or we will run classes for one eight-week session and offer free trials throughout that session to children not enrolled. This is at the discretion of Pivotal Training. If enrollment continues to stay low, program cancellation may occur after completion of the 8 weeks.

Q: How much does it cost parents?

A:  We have different pricing option available. Contact us to find the best option for your school.

Q: How long are the classes and sessions?

A:  Our program offered are eight-week sessions year-round however, we can customize the length of classes to your needs.          Each class within that eight weeks is 30 minutes long. Class starts on time and finishes on time. In the rare event a                    coach is late, class will start and end within the 30 minutes of coach’s arrival. Please have kids ready 5 minutes before                class starts. 

Q: Do you have insurance?

A:  Pivotal Training is fully insured. Copy of insurance information is available upon request.  

Q: How do I request a free demo?

A: Simply fill out our online form here or email us at

Q: What is the process to get classes started?

A: First, we would like to setup a 15-20 min meet and greet to look at the play area and also go over our on-boarding packet. The packet is our policies and expectation that outlines things like cancellations, refunds, enrollment, etc. During this meeting we can gather some information about your location and answer any questions you may have. Next, we would setup a good demo date and possible a start date. That is it! 


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