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Basketball Program

Our classes are a fun way to introduce kids to the world of basketball. With drills and games focused on building motor skills and teaching basic basketball principles such as dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork, kids will develop a love for the game in a fun, safe enriched setting. 


Multi-Sport Program

PivotalTraining-LOGO-TENNIS cut.jpg
PivotalTraining-LOGO-baseball 2.jpg

Most kids have no idea what sports they like and most never know what they are good at. With our multi-sport program we introduce and teach a different sport/activity every week. This will allow kids to discover their passion and live a healthy physical lifestyle. Each class is led with simple stretches and warmups and then transition into the activity. With sports like field hockey, frisbee, t-ball, basketball, volleyball just to name a few, what’s not to like about our sports enrichment program?

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