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Enrollment: Minimum enrollment is 10 kids per location. In the event enrollment is below the minimum we will delay the first day of class one week in hopes of getting additional signups. If after one week the enrollment has still not met the minimum requirements, we may continue to delay the first day until the minimum is met or we will run classes for one eight-week session and offer free trials throughout that session to children not enrolled. This is at the discretion of Pivotal Training. If enrollment continues to stay low, program cancellation may occur.

Late enrollment and early withdraw: Last day to sign up for the session is on or before the second class. We will not accept signups after the 4th class and all those interested will have to wait for the next session. We will prorate the amount with a $10 late signup penalty fee. The penalty fee will be assessed if enrollment is after the 2nd session. If a child is withdrawn for any reason during the session, there will be no refund for the remaining session.

Attendance: Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class so please make sure your child is present. If your child does not want to participate we will mark them down as DNG and a credit will not be offered. All Pivotal Training staff are instructed to get confirmation with staff if a child is absent. All classes will start promptly. No credits will be given if your child arrives late to a class. 

Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds for any reason. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances by Pivotal Training, a makeup class will be offered. In extreme circumstances, determined by a Pivotal Training officer, we will offer a next session credit to parents. If a makeup day is offered by Pivotal Training and your school will not allow it, we will consider the session complete and no monies will be refunded to parents. Session days must be approved by director before the start of session. Parents must also ensure their child can attend all classes before enrolling. No refunds or credits to parents if their child does not attend voluntarily or involuntarily.

Cancellation due to weather: We will wait 60 minutes before class starts to determine if classes will be cancelled due to weather. Inclement weather conditions include but are not limited to: Rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, high winds or thunder and lightning. If we feel there is a chance any of these circumstances can occur, we will cancel and offer a makeup class. It is a good idea to have an indoor location as an alternative.

Waiver/Liability: All parents must fill out a waiver/liability clearly and completely before the first day of class for their child to participate. This hold true for the free demo days as well. All waivers and liability forms will be provided by Pivotal Training.


Payments: All payments must be submitted for the entire amount. No partial payments or payment promises. If a parent does not pay, their child does not participate. Payments will be due the day before the first class. If a parent would like to sign up late, please refer to the late enrollment clause. Payments can be  made using online at homeroom.com.

Receipts: If you would like a receipt please email info@pivottrain.com and we will gladly provide one for you.

Pricing: All pricing is set forth by Pivotal Training and may be subject to change. A 30 -day written notice will be submitted to parents and director before the change takes place.


Class length: Our classes offered are four-week session year-round however, we can customize the length of classes to your school needs. We can offer 8 weeks or even 12 weeks if it works for them.

Incident Reports: Pivotal Training believes the safety and well-being of all children is a priority. All our coaches have incident reports they are required to fill out in the event of an injury. We will provide the school 2 copies, one for the school’s record and one that gets sent home with the student. Along with the incident report we will also contact the parents after the class and inform them of the incident or injury. We will keep a copy of the incident report on file as well.  

Program Options: We understand our program may not work for everyone so we have other program options that may. Please contact us for more information.