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We miss each and every one of our students and hope to see you soon. Please continue to be safe during these unprecedented and challenging times. 

-Pivotal Training 

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“The coaches at Pivotal are GREAT with young kids, esp preschool age who are being introduced not only to basic basketball skills but how to listen to a coach in a large group where there are many distractions. The coaches keep things fun, accessible and basic, so the kids are engaged and can learn in a safe environment. Many programs are geared towards older children who have some exposure and skills background. Pivotal is perfect for the youngsters who need a place to start without feeling overwhelmed, and their program does a great job engaging all the kids, even the shy ones, and having multiple coaches means no child is left behind. Awesome program the kids really enjoy!” 

Julia, parent at Empire Montessori 

Our experience with the Pivotal Training Basketball Enrichment Program has been great.  The children love it and the parents are grateful that we are offering such a hands-on enrichment activity.  The coaches have been wonderful.  We always see the children laughing and learning skills they can surely use.  The management team has been very responsive and helpful which makes it very easy for us to coordinate and schedule the enrichment times. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a great activity to enhance their educational program. 

Mandy Kang (Owner of Genius Kids Pleasanton Bernal) 

“We have gotten the privilege to have Pivotal Training come to our school for the past several months. Not only do the children love the program, but we as office staff do as well. Coach Donte is great with the children and makes the class fun and exciting, and Rudy is such a pleasure to work with. You can see that they truly love their job. We are excited to be able to continue to offer such a wonderful program to our children!” 

Sarah, staff member at Montessori of Pleasanton 

“Pivotal Training has been amazing! I have seen huge improvement in my son’s basketball skills, and he is constantly practicing at home. He is always asking when the next basketball class is so he can see Coach Donte. I am so happy this program is being offered at my kids’ school. I think every school should have Pivotal Training there.”  

John, parent at Sunshine Kids Preschool  

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